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The new trends for summer 2013!

We point 10 trends that will be in your wardrobe in summer 2013!

Photos: Angency Fotosite
Ladylike: with marked waist and skirt flared shift, this style continues superfofo the hottest season of the year full of prints!

Photos: Agency Foosite
Little set: previously only belonged to your grandmother's closet, but now he comes to your prints with small and fluffy like this panda.

Photos: Agency Fotosite
Top cropped: the belly out can be combined with pants of the same name, or high-waisted skirt.

Photos: Agency Fotosite
Mullet dress: shorter in the front and long in the back, the piece is modern when worn with low shoes.

photos: Agency Fotosite
Peplum: This fashion of the 20s that leaves a little volume hip gets a new face with more sophisticated fabrics, such as silk.

photos: Agency Fotosite
Monkey: the part of the Summer 2013 is well little short fun prints and gets a face or more rocker when washing the jeans have little clear.

Photos: Agency Fotosite
Vivid: give life to a basic look with accessories and lively colors!

photos: Agency Fotosite
Handmade accessories: accessories with new plots come to life when mixed with modern fabrics such as leather, nylon and plastic!

photos: Agency Fotosite
Metallic Accessories: trend in winter 2012, they continue in the summer and make new colors!

photos: Agency Fotosite
Shoes with platform: the leap from Summer 2013 is high and much comfortable because the midsole.
                                                                 Créditos: capricho.abril.com.br

Gorgeous! Renan Grassi parades at Fashion Rio!

The career model Renan Grassi is better impossible! The eternal VGD has modeled for two brands this season of Fashion Rio Summer 2013:

                   For Coca Cola Clothing, Renan abused street style with pants and shirt-print graphic

Already in Elus 2nd Floor, Cat wore shirt with print and pants set, as the inspiration of the brand was the world of cowboys.
Who here likes the version model Renan Grassi? o/

Fashion Rio: two braids and two makes cute summer 2014 for inspiration!

After the summer season 2014 SPFW, is rolling this week Fashion Rio in Marina da Gloria! For now, saw two hairstyles and two makes sooo cute. Check out:

The summer season calls hairstyles baked well as the braids! The designer Alessa left side braid with a different face when betting on the type built inverted, that this leaves the hair relevo.fira:

Makes us, the points of light are with everything! The label Coven highlighted the inner corner of the eyes with silver shadow and Maria Filo with golden shadow. Metallic tones up, huh?
Liked the hairstyles and makes? You would use any of them?

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